What Is Qabalah?
(Follow the title-hyperlink above to find out what Aleister Crowley says it is!)
And Why are There So MANY Different Ways to Spell it?

A Variety of Spellings Implies a Variety of Meanings.
I would surmise that there are so many different ways to spell Qabalah because there are just as many different views as to what Qabalah is all about. But before we discuss or examine any of these different views, let's take a look at what several other sources say about it. Let's begin with a purported source of unbiased definitions, good old Webster's definition of Cabala. Now, to avoid being branded as biased myself, let's take a look at what the Skeptic's Dictionary says about this Cabala stuff! History tells us that Qabalah can be traced to the earliest spiritual teachings of the Hebrew people. So if it came from the Jewish faith, what do the Catholics have to say about Kabbala in the Catholic Encyclopedia? There are other perspectives and Points Of View (POVs) on Qabalah which we will bring to you in the times ahead, but this will have to suffice for now.

So Who Is "Right" About The Definition of Qabalah?
The beauty of living in a universe dominated and powered by Relativity is that there are no "absolutes" to the concepts we call "right" and "wrong". Right and wrong, just like any other dyad, are simply two ends of a continuous spectrum of CHOICE. Therefore, any application of either the Qabalah and/or the Tree Of Life, is no more than what you make them. There is no "right", just as there is no "wrong." There is only your intent for its use. Whatever you put into it, you get out of it. Whatever you WANT it to be, it CAN be, and, in fact, already is!

Oh, And on the Question of How to Spell Itů.
This becomes another "neither right nor wrong" judgment call based upon your own relative beliefs and uses for Qabalah. We tend to prefer the "Qabalah" spelling because it preserves the historical Hebrew roots of the word, which comes from the letters QBL, which refer to a tradition, or other compendium of knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

Here are a Few Links on Qabalah & Tree Of Life..
The following links will give you several different views on Qabalah & the Tree Of Life. Some deal with the views and teachings of Judaism, others provide a non-sectarian, mystical feel for the benefits of Qabalah. I have not attempted to categorize the sites, because Qabalah can and does touch on so many categories and sectors of the experience of creation we call LIFE. Since internet URLs come and go on a daily basis, I can't vouch for the currency of any of these links! All I can say is that they were active when I put this page together! Please
send me updates to these and any "new finds" that anyone runs across while surfing the net! Please select from the following three categories of links:






The following sites are highly recommended because they contain more than the "usual" simple listing of Qabalistic correspondences for the spheres and paths of the TOL. They also contain historical, terminological, and practical information about Qabalah as a technology that moves life forward:

Kabbalah.com- Quite a large source of information on Kabbalah! I have not been through the entire site yet, but I would highly recommend the Kabbalah-Basic Course offered on this site. It contains 15 modular "classes" which you can read and consider at your own speed. There is so much good information in this courseware, with the most important info helping us all to understand that WE are the controllers of our own destiny...that life is about EXPERIENCE and how we are the CREATORS of our experience.

Meru.Org - Stan Tenen has done years of research on the form of the ancient Hebrew letters. His site introduces his theory that the form of the Hebrew letters are based on the 1-2-3 dimensional "unfolding" of a cosmic hand. His work has significant implications for understanding how the PATHS of the Tree Of Life (the letters of the Hebrew alphabet) are used for Conscious Creation.

The Way of The Kabbalah- This site is built and maintained by Will Parfitt, a personal and spiritual facilitator who teaches people how to explore and enhance their lives. He uses Qabalah and the Tree Of Life as the basis for his teachings. He is located in Glastonbury, UK, but also offers a "distance learning" option.

Kabbalah Home Page of Bnei Baruch- There is a wealth of information on this site pertaining to the Hebrew religious and mystical uses of Qabalah. Not only is there a LOT of good foundation information on Qabalah's history, but there also some very soothing music to listen to as you surf!

Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page- Mr. Colin Low has become one of the de-facto internet resources for his compilation of a good deal of information on modern Kabbalah. There is an especially good FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Kabbalah that has been well-used for answering common questions.

The Hermit's Page - Here is a GREAT site on Qabalah that will lead you to many different resources! It has information and links on hermetic, mystical, and Hebraeic Qabalah traditions, beliefs, and studies. You can even link-in to a BBS with ongoing discussions covering all aspects of the study & application of TOL and Qabalah.

Kabalah, Qabalah, Cabala- This site is produced by a hermetic and mystical organization known as the Golden Dawn. While this site is VERY heavy on the occult and mystical uses of Qabalah, it also provides a solid foundation in the Hebrew roots of the study of the Tree Of Life as the architecture of our universe.

The Work Of The Chariot- Here is another site that provides a great deal of information on the mystical and historical aspects of Qabalah. It has recently been updated and given a domain name of its own with lots more information on practical applications of Qabalah. I need to get around to checking it out!


The sites that follow are definitely worth a surf when/if you find the time. Many of these sites have clickable Tree Of Life graphics that let you investigate the attributions for each sphere and path. Some of these are very artistic and beautiful renditions of the TOL, and even some you can buy as large, full-color posters!

Earth Qabalah- A cool page that attempts to blend the spiritual precepts of Judeo-Christian Qabalistic study with the pagan, earth-based ritual and practice. There are some interesting thoughts on these pages, many of which apply to our Tree-O-Life.Org approach to teaching the TOL as both a tool of Science and Spirit.

Kabbalah - A web page of the Baha'i Faith group that provides some mystical and religious history and correlations of Qabalah and the Tree Of Life.

The Interactive Qabalah - This is another site with a clickable Tree Of Life graphic as its means of navigation, similar to Tree-O-Life.Org. While this site is primarily based in the historical and mystical attributions of the TOL, it also provides associated information on the Hebrew alphabet. This site also reflects our own "life as creation" theme in that it collectively refers to the 10 spheres and 22 paths of the TOL as "The 32 Acts of Creation."

Qabalah Reference Guide - Another "clickable Tree Of Life" site. It is not as vast or expansive as others, but it does provide nicely organized lists of associations between the spheres & paths of the TOL to various mystical, magical, and practical topics & concepts. It is more of a "quick reference" resource as you begin to study and assimilate the mystical aspects of TOL technology.

Jeff Hengst: Kabalah- A more stylized version in the "clickable Tree Of Life" theme. It contains only a limited number of attributions to the different spheres of the Tree, and unlike other sites, does not (yet) address the attributions of the TOL interconnecting pathways. Still, the artwork for each sphere is very nice indeed! Great job, Jeff!

Fractal Tree Of Life- This is a link to a page with a sample of a colorful Tree Of Life poster which you can purchase. This work is a nice visual reference that can be used when you wish to focus your energy of creation on a certain portion of the Tree. There is another work by the same artist that has an astrological theme, and it can be found here.

Qabalah Map- Here is another clickable Tree Of Life web site. Personally, I like this one the best because it shows the Hebrew letters on each path, and keeps the images & colors of the sephira simple. This site primarily gives the mystical correspondences of the spheres and paths, as with other sites.


The following sites are either short in their content, or they discuss one aspect of Qabalah and then provide a lot more Qabalah internet links. By no means do I consider these sites unimportant! They are simply not as expansive as those listed above.

Qartoon Qabalah- This is a very short, but amusing site! Rather than reciting the same, old mystical correspondences of the spheres on the TOL, this site shows the correspondences between the TOL and 4 different 20th century cartoon genres. It will definitely get the student of Qabalah thinking about how cartoons can teach us something at many different levels!

The Sephiroth - This site has a short commentary on FORCE and FORM that aligns with our TOL focus on CREATION. Other than that, this page is really just a set of links to other Internet resources (text and graphic) on Qabalah and Tree Of Life.

George's Qabalah Tree- Another clickable Tree Of Life site with correspondences! This one is neat because it aligns each sephira with things like the 10 commandments, I-Ching, and Tarot, among other collections of information. It is worth a browse, I'd have to say.

HEY YOU! If you are scrounging around way down here at the bottom of this page expecting something, then perhaps you had better SEND US YOUR LINKS of cool sites for inclusion in this list!!! Got any good ones? Share your knowledge with the world!