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Last updated: 12-AUG-2001


1) The Structure of Our Universe: Systems within Systems.

2) Creation: The Universal Process that Evolves Systems.

3) Why Should I Study the Tree Of Life & these Web Pages?

4) How do I Study TOL and use these Web Pages?

Our universe is a "system of systems."
This is easy enough to verify as true by examining our own human bodies. Our physical existence as a species depends upon the
interaction of several bodily systems such as, the nervous system, the respiratory & circulatory systems, and the reproductive system. These and other systems, when integrated, comprise the natural human body and all aspects of the human experience. Systems of systems are also easy to find when we look outward from our human perspective. We live on a planet that exists in a solar system. This solar system lives with other star systems in the Milky Way. Even the Milky Way is but a single galaxy in a universe of many. Thus, a good understanding of systems and how systems integrate with one another, can help you create a personal life system that is satisfying and integrates well with the universe. We seek to help people understand the systems that comprise our universe, so that all people can create what they were born to create.
The diagram at left correlates 2 useful systems.
Most would agree that the integrated system we call the human body is a very useful one. In the diagram on the left, we correlate the human body to a network diagram that is called the Tree Of Life (TOL). The TOL is another very useful system that may be used for perceiving, understanding, and interacting with our universe in an extremely efficient manner. The fact that the TOL is the same shape as the human body is one of its best features. It is able to map the aspects of existence we all share in common. The TOL is an ancient diagram that is related to an even more ancient study of philosophy and mysticism called
Qabalah (Qabala, Kabbala, Kabala, Kabbalah, Cabala, etc.). The TOL correlates to many different systems in our universe making it a handy paradigm to gain understanding in any field of endeavor. Through these web pages and our follow-on training, we will show how you can use the TOL to solve life's problems and meet life's challenges in both a scientific, and spiritual manner.
TOL is a technology of and 4 systems.
Through the study of the TOL and how it correlates to other physical, and non-physical systems, we can learn important lessons about our universe. One of the most important lessons we learn from the tree is balance of opposing forces. This balance is achieved through an architecture that employs bilateral symmetry, which is exhibited in the human body. However, the TOL is more than just a tool for learning and exploring balance. We can also interpret the TOL and use it as a blueprint for creation. Well-balanced, complex (dare we say "intelligent?") systems can be designed and fielded by mirroring the design aspects of the TOL. One of our primary goals at Tree-O-Life.Org is to teach, coach, and consult with others about how to apply TOL technology in their own lives for the purposes of learning and creation. We offer
various levels of instruction and training, with these web pages presenting our most basic, introductory information.

Universal change results from continuous creation.
Things just never stop changing in our universe. Every moment of every day there is change happening around us. If we were only to consider the number of new human babies born into our world every day, we can easily come to understand how quickly things change. The example of birth is a good one, because it illustrates a basic fact of the universe: The process of creation is that process which initiates and sustains cycles of change in our universe. The concepts of birth, life, and death define a complete, closed-loop, cycle. Cycles correlate to the concept of the unending circle. This realization that creation is continually occurring all throughout the universe, at all levels of magnification, prods us to investigate the process of creation itself.
Creation is a process that serves dual masters.
The process of creation results in two very different, yet simultaneous effects within the universe. Once we define any creative event, such as birth, we simultaneously define a complementary event, in this case, death. A starting point pre-supposes an ending point. In this sense, creation is both progressive and regressive. It advances one concern and retards other concerns at the same time. Many events in nature exhibit this trend. The destruction brought about by a forest fire simultaneously adds beneficial nutrients to the soil for the new life that will take root at the site of the fire. Creation flows through the balance of action and reaction, through the relation of cause and effect. Not only does creation make possible the "new and improved", but it is also responsible for the "recycling" of that which has already served its purpose.
Create wisely to achieve sustainable existence.
Each time we choose to create something, we need to consider that we must also accept responsibility for its resulting destructive effects. This should convince us to re-evaluate our creative efforts, their goals, and how they are achieved. Through such considerations we can see how the ethical stances of ecological movements can be justified and defended based solely upon the natural process of creation. Being the dominant species on this planet, we owe it to ourselves (and our planet) to balance our creative forces against their destructive effects. One way to achieve this is to set new criteria for how and what we, as a society, strive to create. The symbol of the creative cycle is the circle, which represents renewal, regeneration, and reuse. Therefore, our creative efforts should strive to be renewable, regenerative, and reusable. We should seek to complete the circles of nature, not pull them apart. Rather than viewing birth and death as two ends of a line, we should begin to see them as two opposing points on a continuous circle. These are the keys to creating sustainable existence in accordance with the laws of our universe.

So why should I bother with this stuff?
The answer to this question depends upon how much you
really want to know about "Life, the Universe, and Everything." Are you curious about how the universe works, and why it is the way it is? Are you in touch with your soul and your spirit? Do you know what your mission in life is? If you do, would you like to learn the technology that can help you fulfill your mission? How about some simple, yet effective, suggestions on how to better organize the elements of your life? For some folks, perhaps none of these benefits are concrete enough to cause them to read further. To these people, we are going to try to appeal to your appetite! Sprinkled throughout these web pages you will find recipes for some extremely tasty dishes and other gastronomic preparations. So, if you get nothing else out of the information we share here, at least you'll get some great ideas for dinner! J One of the Rainman's favorite "basics", which can be used in many of his recipes, is this one for a special roasted garlic butter!
Here we correlate the TOL to topics in science.
For those of you who are loathsome of, or terrified by, science, allow me to </FONT"point you to our "mirror" pages. These alternate web pages introduce the same basic concepts of TOL technology, but from a more philosophical, spiritual, and some might even say "religious-like" point of view. But before you depart, let me assure you that one of the goals of these pages is to demystify science and mathematics for the average Joe. One of the ways we accomplish this is by showing you that the "real" mathematics of our universe is much simpler than most would believe. In fact, if you can count from 0 to 10, as shown on our TOL diagram on the left, and come to understand the deeper meaning of each of these numbers, you are on your way to an understanding of the universe which will help you to achieve your dreams. Integers shape the physical world we live in and experience
Simple integer numbers can explain our universe.
Our human culture uses the decimal system (integers 0 thru 9) to define our measurements of the natural world around us, and also to define the parameters of the things we create. However, the power and meaning of the numbers 0 thru 9 (and 10) extend well beyond our physical realm into the non-physical realms of our minds, souls, and spirits. The integer decimal digits are archetypes, or symbols, with deeper physio-psycho-spiritual meanings. These deeper meanings of integer numbers, in the form of the map called the Tree Of Life, provide us the tools to relate all things within us to all things outside of us. Integer numbers not only allow our beings to differentiate and discern one thing from another, but they also permit us to combine (or integrate) two distinct things into one new element or object.
Our goals involve education, rather than proof.
Let us focus on this fact right away: We have grown Tree-O-Life.Org to share this technology with everyone, not necessarily to satisfy anyone's need for a proof that the technology is "real" or that it works. As you come to learn the TOL technology and apply it in your life, you will prove its usefulness to yourself through your actions and your results. You may wish to read our ditty called some Words About The Word: Proof. This write-up may help you understand why our time and effort is better spent on teaching you TOL technology, and why the "proof is left to the student." The opposite of requiring a proof is having faith. We will come to see how striking a balance between the two will get you further than clinging steadfast to one side or the other!

We are decimal creatures who continuously create.
When we first examine the TOL, we notice that it has
ten distinct spheres, which we will call nodes. These nodes, and the 22 channels that interconnect them, could be thought of as our map of discovery into our universe and ourselves. All of the information, instruction, and consultation we provide is associated to, and correlated with, various aspects of the 10-node and 22-path TOL architecture. The relevance and importance of the number 10 to the human condition cannot be over emphasized. We not only have ten fingers and ten toes, but our human mathematics is based on the decimal system. We chose to highlight the correlation between 10 and the human condition by aligning the human body with the TOL and making it the navigational means to explore this site. In doing this we seek to underscore the fact that we have been created in accordance with universal principles (one might even claim "in the image of God").
Follow the natural progression from 0 to 10.
Yes, 10 is an important number. However, all the numbers that lead up to 10 are just as important, if not more important, than 10 itself. In fact, the two digits that compose 10 (0 and 1) are the most important. These two binary digits give rise to all the digits that follow them. If we are to have a prayer of understanding the complexity of 10, then we must come to an understanding of its components, 0 and 1. While you can use the map on the left to explore the TOL in any order you choose, if this is your first visit we would suggest you follow the natural progression. In doing so, we begin our adventure of discovery by trying to develop
an understanding of zero, the totally empty void from which all new ideas and creations emerge.

These pages are in a constant state of creation. It will become obvious as you surf through these pages that they are incomplete. While it was our intent to complete all of these introductory pages by New Years 2000, we have fallen short of our goal. However, we will continue to plug along at it and build these pages as time permits. The cognitive concepts behind the numbers Zero (0), One (1), Two(2), and Three(3) represent the binding principles that form our universe. These pages represent the initial seedling stage of Tree-O-Life.Org. Once the initial content is complete, we will begin to evolve the information by providing new insights, new correlations & links, and new reports from our continuing research into the TOL. We intend to make Tree-O-Life.Org a progressive and creative organization with the simple goal of helping people. Of course, any organization that claims to be progressive & creative should value and make use of feedback. Tree-O-Life.Org is no different. We value feedback in all forms, both positive and negative. For in the positive feedback we find the courage and motivation to go forward. But more importantly, in the negative feedback we learn where our message may be in error, or otherwise offensive. Feedback is our means to consider the positive and negative effects of our own creation. Therefore, do not hesitate to fire off some EMAIL to the webmaster, and let us know what you're thinking.

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